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Just a french boy playing with computers


Linux hacking ; configuration, customisation, automation, administration. I like understand and modify IT systems. Here you will learn about digital sovereignty.


My goal is to understand what I use everyday, and teach to others what they actually use (you would be surprised that random people doesn't know it). We live in a "computing world" so understand technologies is understand the world.


I campaigned for FOSS (Free and OpenSource Software), KISS philosophy, Internet anonymity, GNU/Linux philosophy. Because I think the best ways to learn computing systems, and to not be dependent on firms that make you kind of "money slave".

Software configuration

Discover what I use daily. Don't hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.

Arch's neofetch
Arch's partitions
VPS's neofetch


Discover what projects I'm working on


I have many projects for this VPS, but briefly I'm working on :

- This website (web and tor hosting, articles, blog, documentation...)

- VPN server

- Proxy

- Bots hosting

- Learn technologies like docker, ansible...

8-bit Ben Eater CPU

This one is particularly interesting : with some videos explaining electronics made by Ben Eater I will be able to build a real 8-bit CPU on breadboard.
The link

Learning technologies/languages

Virtualisation technologies are very interesting like VMWare Exsi, KVM... I'm learning Rust and Deno to achieve some projects and participate to other ones. Great projects are coming...